Randy Merrell has created his first pair of custom made boots almost thirty years ago. Striving to make on his won he has combined his experience in making cowboy boots and great love for outdoors and created the go-to brand for those who are looking for more affordable high-performance hiking shoes. His perfectionism and expertise have led to the creation of the boot which was designed to last for a decade. The iconic ankle boot with blue laces was quickly recognised as ‘the best hiking boot ever made’ and it can be still bought today. Since then Merrell brand has come a long way but as always it still cultivates the no compromise attitude and gets in tune with needs of its clientele. Merrell core values: Comfort, Durability, Design and Versatility can be found in each and every product. Innovations such as removable insoles, waterproof fabrication, breathable interiors and lightweight, resistant soles are in common use. Their collections range from walking and running shoes, hiking boots to professional styles designed for mountain climbing. This wide range attracts the variety of customers which can enjoy beautiful designs and one of the most advanced technical solutions on the today’s market.

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