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Dr. Martens started out as a utility boot and were popular among workers such as postmen, police officers and factory workers but quickly went from working-class essential to British cultural icon. Holding the worldwide standard for style, durability and rebellious spirit, Dr. Martens boots, shoes and work footwear have started a cultural revolution still reverberating into today. With a simple silhouette easily adaptable to anyone’s individual and distinctive style Dr. Martens footwear is known for durability and comfort as well as a means of self-expression. Each pair created features the reliable Dr. Martens famous AirWair air-cushioned outsole that is oil, fat, and slip resistant. And nothing says Dr. Martens more than their signatures Goodyear welt construction with the yellow Z welt-stitching. With a long tradition in shoemaking, Dr. Martens footwear is also known for the quality materials used in the manufacturing process. When it comes to leather, Dr. Martens is using only the highest quality from classic full grain, strong and durable leather to rich suede and soft and pliable broken in leathers to mention just a few. With boot, shoes and sandal collections for women, men and kids D. Martens feature durable modern details, vivid colors and eye-catching prints to create footwear ready for everything, whether you’re in the thrashing it in the mosh pit, working in the city, or just setting the style standard at school. Dr. Martens’ goal is to inspire you to be who you want to be, whether you want to rock the grunge look, stand apart from the school crowd, or just feel confident in the workplace.


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  1. Dr.Martens 1461 Vegan Synthetic Womens Shoes
    Dr.Martens 1461 Vegan
  2. Dr.Martens 1460 Vegan Synthetic Womens Boots
    Dr.Martens 1460 Vegan
  3. Dr.Martens Jadon Hi Leather Unisex Boots
    Dr.Martens Jadon Hi
  4. Dr.Martens Molly Glitter Synthetic Womens Boots
    Dr.Martens Molly Glitter
  5. Dr.Martens Ramsey Chukka Leather Textile Unisex Boots
    Dr.Martens Ramsey Chukka
  6. Dr.Martens Lexington Leather Unisex Boots
    Dr.Martens Lexington
  7. Dr.Martens 1B99 Darcy Floral Leather 14-Eyelet Womens Boots
    Dr.Martens 1B99 Darcy Floral
  8. Dr.Martens Holford Leather Nylon Mens Boots
    Dr.Martens Holford
  9. Dr.Martens 1460 Rockabilly Smooth Leather Unisex Boots
    Dr.Martens 1460 Rockabilly
  10. Dr.Martens 1461 Rockabilly Smooth Leather Unisex Shoes
    Dr.Martens 1461 Rockabilly
  11. Dr.Martens 1490 Vegan Cambridge Brush Unisex Boots
    Dr.Martens 1490 Vegan
  12. Dr.Martens 1919 Fine Haircell Unisex Boots
    Dr.Martens 1919
  13. Dr.Martens Coppola Leather Womens Boots
    Dr.Martens Coppola
  14. Dr.Martens Kendra Sendal Leather Womens Boots
    Dr.Martens Kendra
  15. Dr.Martens Plaza Luxor Leather Mens Boots
    Dr.Martens Plaza
  16. Dr.Martens Vegan Flora Cambridge Brush Womens Boots
    Dr.Martens Vegan Flora
  17. Dr.Martens 1461 Plain Welt Leather Unisex Shoes
    Dr.Martens 1461 Plain Welt
  18. Dr.Martens 1460 Chris 8-Eyelet Black Multi Womens Backhand Boots
    Dr.Martens 1460 Chris 8-Eyelet
  19. Dr.Martens Winsted 8-Eyelet Dark Taupe Womens Canvas Boots
    Dr.Martens Winsted 8-Eyelet
  20. Dr.Martens Fenton Black Mens Grizzly Shoes
    Dr.Martens Fenton
  21. Dr.Martens 1490 Stud 10-Eyelet Black Womens Smooth Leather Boots
    Dr.Martens 1490 Stud 10-Eyelet
  22. Dr.Martens 8065 Wanderlust Bone Mallow Pink Womens Backhand Shoes
    Dr.Martens 8065 Wanderlust
  23. Dr.Martens Santanita 3-Eyelet Black Womens Shoes
    Dr.Martens Santanita 3-Eyelet
  24. Dr.Martens Cavendish 3-Eyelet Black Mens Leather Shoes
    Dr.Martens Cavendish 3-Eyelet
  25. Dr.Martens Kristina Black Womens Leather Sandals
    Dr.Martens Kristina
  26. Dr.Martens Sheridan 8-Eyelet Black Womens Boots
    Dr.Martens Sheridan 8-Eyelet
  27. Dr.Martens Cavendish 3-Eyelet Black Womens Temperley Shoes
    Dr.Martens Cavendish 3-Eyelet
  28. Dr.Martens 1460 8-Eyelet Gaucho Mens Leather Boots
    Dr.Martens 1460 8-Eyelet
  29. Dr.Martens Winsted 8-Eyelet Black Womens Greasy Lamper Boots
    Dr.Martens Winsted 8-Eyelet
  30. Dr.Martens Dante Black Mens Leather Shoes
    Dr.Martens Dante
  31. Dr.Martens Kendra 10-Eyelet Cherry Red Womens Arcadia Boots
    Dr.Martens Kendra 10-Eyelet
  32. Dr.Martens 1461 Plain Welt 3-Eyelet Black Mens Smooth Shoes
    Dr.Martens 1461 Plain Welt 3-Eyelet
  33. Dr.Martens 8065 Mary Jane Womens Shoes
    Dr.Martens 8065 Mary Jane
  34. Dr.Martens 1461 3-Eyelet Womens Shoes
    Dr.Martens 1461 3-Eyelet
  35. Dr.Martens Pascal Aunt Sally Womens Boots
    Dr.Martens Pascal Aunt Sally
  36. Dr.Martens 1461 3 Eyelets W Zip Womens Shoes
    Dr.Martens 1461 3 Eyelets W Zip

(59 Results)