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It was a life dream of Professor Parodi to create the shoe which would revolutionise the common approach to footwear making. After legally securing his unique manufacturing technology, he has established the brand which brings a breath of fresh air into contemporary high street. Since year 1966 all Arcopedico shoes follow three simple rules: they are ultra-light, promote healthy feet and are extremely comfortable. Arcopedico shoes are divided into categories depending of the material that they are made out of. The Classic range features knitted uppers and the ‘Relaxed’ range promotes Lycra products, both those collections are popular among customers with wider feet. Stretchy knit sandals and mules can be found in the Salute range while Nature range uses leather uppers. Arcopedico footwear is BioCalce certified which means that it can be recycled and is environmentally friendly. Thanks to the added Polyurethane Arocpedico materials are 15 times stronger than traditional leather shoes. The shoes have been designed to be worn on the bare feet, they are ultra-light, breathable and mould to the shape of human anatomy. They are very easy to pack and therefore top choice for those who like to travel but also for those who enjoy the idea of modern footwear which exercises feet, strengthens muscles and aids blood circulation. Have we mentioned that they are machine washable? There is so much more that could be said about this forward thinking brand, but why to only relay on our word if you can try them yourself.

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