From humble beginnings to a global success story, Adidas brand has started in the small German town in year 1924. Who would imagine that by adding light wearing cork bolts to the traditional sports shoe, football loving Adi Dassler will help Germany to defeat so far unbeatable Hungarian football team in the 1954 World Cup final. Almost a miracle, this hart stopping sports' event has made a history, making Adidas a household name on the football pitches all around the globe. Throughout the years, Adidas has maintained its forward thinking attitude and by cooperating with world’s best athletes has been delivering the best possible product to customers and sportsman alike. Changing and always on the go, today Adidas is one of those brands that are leading the way in the ever advancing sportswear field. Development and innovation are always a priority and this is why Adidas footwear maintains one of our customers favourite. Fashionable and in touch with ever moving trends, year by year Adidas creates desirable trainer lines for all. Coming in the opulence of colours and materials, this branded footwear is not only great looking but also combines resilient construction and up to date performance technology. Being a sustainable business Adidas group is fully committed to supporting workers’ rights while delivering best quality product to its customers.

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